Creative Eurecom Winner in the “Health” category at the Technical Day of Electronics, Paris June 27th, 2019

Creative Eurecom received the “health” category trophy  for its micro-bioreactor for domestic use at the  22nd edition of ‘Electrons d’Or’ organized by the newspaper ElectroniqueS.

Developing an effective treatment for respiratory infections, including those resistant to antibiotics, was the ambition of the ALIPEX collaborative program made up of three French SMEs: ALAXIA, CREATIVE EURECOM and DTF medical. The aim of this collaboration: to offer new generation inhaled treatment to patients with cystic fibrosis. The transportable device developed by CREATIVE EURECOM is a mini-factory for manufacturing medicines at home. Since the drug has a very short shelf life, the device allows it to be synthesized just before its administration. This equipment is the first in the world to allow the development of a drug in an extemporaneous manner.

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